Monday, February 27, 2006

Another lil' Status Report

Studio: Romantic Air Workshoppe
Location: Greater Metropolitan Detroit Area
Date: Monday, February 27, 2006
Re: Status Report 13007B-E

Well, we have made all of our beds. That's right! Everything is neatly readied, that is to say that the foundations for all the tracks to be featured on the album are complete. This next month will be filled with snipping, tucking, overdubbing, and massaging the tracks into a form of earthy perfection.

Panic is due to come in this week to record using our recently fine tuned piano. Photographs forthcoming.


Monday, February 13, 2006

Gene plays guitar-oh-ar!

Eugene Corduroy flew in from NYC over the weekend to do some tracking in ye old Workshoppe d' Romantic Air. Good Gene did his homework and had a slew of slippery lines written for You Were Too Old For Me. We started with some acoustic single-note pluckery with a 40+ year old, small-body Gibson acoustic that belonged to
Momma Corduroy before him. Although I closed mic'd his guitar, to match my idea of creating some amount of obvious distance in this song, I also set up a spaced stereo pair of Oktava MC012s about 7 feet away and as many feet up in front of him; there are some quieter moments in this track that truly benefit from this. Secondly, we set up my lovely ol' lil' Gretsch 6161 tube amp (late-late-50s era) sitting perfectly perched upon an old dining room chair (appropriately belonging to Casimer, Sr. way back in the day). We closed mic'd the amp with a AT4047, but kept the pair of Oktavas up to capture the room as well. The amp (with the ol' Harmony semi-hollow body) sounds breaks up just like you'd hope, but we had to keep on turning the poor thing off betwixt takes since it tended to exhibit a thunderous hum as the tubes glowed wildly.

We worked two days straight (w/o bathing, eating, or urinating) in order to tighten up the bits Gene previously worked out, as well as writing some new gems including a rather pretty "solo" during a poignant instrumental passage...All in all we were thrilled with our progress & sounds we conjured. Until next...



...outside of the Workshoppe looking a bit miffed for no good reason...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He needs me, He needs me

I love my arms. Played my drums 'till Caz got sick all over Caz's old velvet sport coat. Burgs was a gentleman this evening and inspired me to cap off the night with a bottle of wine shaped like a kitty cat in front of the fire. Popeye was on the t.v.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

We Are Making Our Way

Session Snapshots for We Made Our Way, We Amtrakked (which strangely looks like a song-poem title)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Non-Violent Tae Kwan Do Troopers.

Caz & I watched this film last night after some cursory cruises over 'Amtrakked' in the studio. Highly highly recommended. I've devoted a good portion of the day to researching the phenomenon of the 'song poem'. It's downright fascinating, I must say. Also, I'm surprised at how many times Mr. Caglar Juan Singletary shows up in a Google search.

This stuff is precious.