Monday, October 24, 2005

And Even More Tales From The RAR Workshop

{my drst cmrds}

He came back...

...and we made beautiful musique together!

Mssr. Naud is a funny man. Funny in that his musical personality mirrors his everyday personality. This is funny because most often you hear about musicians who go from being pathetically passive non-descripts to obnoxious axe-wielding vikings once they leap upon a stage (or enter a funny lil' studio for that matter). This doesn't describe Trevs...he is always a gentleman, always considerately worried if perhaps he might be playing too loud, and never dresses in fur that he has skinned himself.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

even more tales from the RAR Workshop


Over this past weekend I welcomed the ever debonair Trevor Naud into the Workshop. He brought a small arsenal of lil' boxes that tended to make grotesque the signals that were passed through them. We spent hours recording flipped, chopped, stretched, and bashed bits of sound for use on the song Citizen's Army Uniform. Going against my usual method of working on a 5 second musical section for at least 4 hours, we simply pressed record and away we went. He with guitar in hand gently---at some points rather viciously---fingered the strings way up high on the neck of the guitar whilst I manned the dials of the boxes...twisting them back and forth and back and forth again, causing much sonic surreality & a certain finessed filth. I think it will become my job to make sense of the session; Nuad is very much the rock-'em-then-leave-'em type. Please come back, please...

La, la, love you,


Monday, October 03, 2005

More tales from the RAR Workshop

{my dear, dear people}

Well, I spent a good deal of time in the Workshop last night listening to some tracks that we recorded earlier in the year that we thought would make up the bulk of the album. There is a rather long & arduous tale that goes along with the reason as to why these recordings might not make the track listing on our full-length. It is all very confusing. We are not really sure how to even handle speaking about it at the moment. In any case, I feel we need to do something about these songs. I loved the liberties we took with their arrangements; most were based completely on improvised structures---a definite departure for us. Listening back to the tracks I remember how excited we were by the experience. The spirit of those sessions have actually informed & inspired many of the latest tracks we have been writing/recording. So whether those songs are ever properly released or not...they have value.

We'll figure this all out, I'm sure. Things are just getting a little weirder as I was informed (thanks Missy) this morning that someone from our ranks has apparently leaked one of these songs to a friend who then put it on her podcast. So, I dunno...I'm is just all kind of mixed up. When everything is said and done we may have two completely different records on our hands. Ugh!